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A Note From Liberty Pest And Lawn Services

Hello, and THANK YOU for Choosing Liberty Pest And Lawn Services, LLC.

My wife and I started this company with ONE goal in mind: To take care of the customer because we know that’s what ultimately takes care of our family.

We know there are many companies in the industry that you could have chosen to service your home, lawn, or business. I personally have serviced homes and businesses in the industry for over 20 years and have seen through the years the many mistakes that other companies tend to make in regards to customer service. This area alone is where we focus as a company to ensure the customer gets the best possible service in the industry. I believe I have been very successful in meeting the needs and satisfaction of the customers I have serviced in Utah, Colorado, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and other areas I have been in, as I have been requested to come back personally to service these areas.

We believe our customers deserve the very best in the industry and that’s what we look forward to providing for every customer we have, regardless of the treatment they selected. We offer several services to protect your home and property from pests, including services such

as pest control, lawn care, termite treatments, bed bug and termite inspections, roach control, rodent control, and more.

I absolutely value feedback on what we can do better to service your home, property, or business to ensure that your needs are being met. We believe we have one of the best referral discount programs in the industry and feel that referrals are the highest compliment customers can give.

To conclude we thank you for considering Liberty Pest and Lawn Services.

Liberty Pest and Lawn Services, LLC

Why Choose Liberty Pest And Lawn Services?

When you have pest control or lawn care needs and you’re not sure of the best way to handle them, you can trust Liberty Pest and Lawn Services to provide the results you’re looking for.

  • We provide home pest control and lawn care & maintenance services.
  • We provide residential and commercial lawn care services.
  • We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.
  • We pay attention to the little details to ensure we do the job with excellence.
  • We care about meeting your needs and making you happy.
  • We offer free consultations.
  • We can provide service to you within 24 hours of contact.
  • We guarantee our services.
  • We provide recurring services to make sure your home stays pest-free.

Have You Been Liberated?

When pests get into your house, it can feel like they’ve taken over. If you want to be free of pests and the trouble they cause, Liberty Pest and Lawn Services is the company to call. We take care of our customers’ needs and guarantee our services so that you can be assured your home will be pest-free. Contact us today to request your free consultation.